Organization Overview

Our tech company designed software for landlords/property managers to manage their properties simpler and more modern way.

Features include:
1. Rent payments
2. Messaging
3. Work order submittals
4. Unlimited properties
5. Background checks
6. Renter insurance
7. Late fees
8. Eviction notice
9. Push notifications

Our main target is single-family homes. You can find us in the App Store and Google Play by typing Moonrock PM.

Member-to-Member Discount

Chance to win cash/prizes after every 1000 users & PROMO CODE!
Members will receive 50% off by using the promo code SUPEROFFER50

We will be doing a raffle in cash/prizes after every thousand users. The first thousand users will enter a raffle to win a 65" smart Roku tv. Once we hit 10,000 users, we will do a raffle once a month to give back to our supporters and community.
DeShon Swafford
SAAA Logo Supplier Member

Areas of Expertise
Computers-Software Property Management