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Political Action Committee

An Investment in Your Future


What is the SAAA PAC?

The SAAA Political Action Committee (PAC) works on behalf of SAAA members. Our PAC strives to develop and maintain productive relationships with key public officials at the local, state, and national levels. We are successful when we have active dialogue with public policy makers in order to ensure that legislation is favorable to our industry.

Legislation can begin at every level of government and will have a significant impact on the bottom line of our businesses and on our daily work environment. A misconception exists that legislation exclusively impacts property and management company owners. The reality is that it has a global and direct impact on each of us in the industry. When a company’s bottom line is impacted it affects employee benefits and financial decisions related to a property’s expenses and the community.

The SAAA PAC has paved the way to ensure that the SAAA legislative team is able to be actively engaged on a daily basis with elected officials at the city, state and congressional levels.

The SAAA PAC supports candidates for city and county political offices, Texas Legislature and statewide offices.

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• Saved millions of dollars in retrofit costs!

• Successfully fought an amendment to the City of San Antonio Electrical Code

• Halted an annual inspection and registration program

• Helped prevent an increase in storm water fees on every property in the city

• Earned a representative seat for our industry on the SAWS Rate Advisory Committee

• Prevented costly regulatory policies from being included in the City of San Antonio’s Property Maintenance Code update

• Protected properties from being forced into participating in Section 8 program

• Supported property owners in obtaining proper city zoning designations for multi-family development projects

• Currently participate in the drafting of most city policies that impact the rental housing industry

These accomplishments have saved millions of dollars for our members. As a result, our members have resources to reinvest as needed for compensation and benefits, for employees and for their assets!