Posted By: Renetta Quintana

Dear SAAA Members,

Happy New Year! I’m sending each of you my special wishes for success both personally and professionally in 2023! My new year has started off in an exciting way as SAAA’s new president. This is not my first rodeo, having served as your president in 2013. It appears I have something with threes – 13 and 23! I have served in multiple capacities and in all levels of the apartment association – National, Texas, Tarrant County and of course, our beloved San Antonio. SAAA service includes 11 years on the executive committee, four years as a board director and a committee chair/member for 15 years. As you can see by my years of service, I am deeply committed to SAAA’s mission.

As I reflect on the successes and impact SAAA has had not only on our industry, but also in our community, I return to the office as President with a great sense of pride and appreciation for all we’ve achieved together. Associations thrive because of our members, and please know SAAA values every member. As a 59-year-old association, our strong history is the foundation for future mission greatness.

Because SAAA is a family, I’d like to share a bit about my family. My parents raised me and my sisters to always put family first. I enjoy family time with my sisters and nieces. In addition to my own family members, I consider everyone in SAAA as a part of my extended family. We are better together!

My goal as President is to empower volunteers and staff to take this association to the next level. My challenge to each of you in 2023 is to, “RAISE your standards, and RAISE SAAA.” While this is a lofty goal, working together we can do this! Other critical goals are engaging more members with our government affairs initiatives and increasing contributions to our Political Action Committee (PAC). SAAA is committed to ensuring our member experiences are meaningful and robust through constant evaluation of our board volunteer and staff support, professional development training and events.
My other priority is for SAAA to begin actively participating in the THRU Project which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization supporting San Antonio and surrounding area foster youth as they age out of the foster care system. These youth are often alone with no adult to guide them through this critical time of transition. THRU recruits and trains adult volunteers to serve as mentors and then matches adults with youth for one-on-one mentorship. THRU offers life skills training, job seeking and college application assistance, as well as setting up first-time apartments (SAAA can make a huge impact here) and personal finance navigation.

Communication will play a key role in raising our standards and ultimately SAAA. I encourage you to contact me anytime with suggestions or requests for assistance. SAAA’s new Executive Director Kyle Ward and I are excited about 2023 and look forward to making this year our best one ever!

Renetta Quintana
SAAA President