Member Alert! UPDATE Postponement of New Paid Sick Leave Ordinance in San Antonio

Posted By: Allison P. Cohen Industry,

This is an update on the status of the implementation date of the San Antonio Paid Sick Leave Ordinance.

On Monday July 15th, a group of business associations and several businesses filed a lawsuit against San Antonio’s paid sick leave policy, using a legal argument that successfully blocked a similar ordinance in Austin last year.

The business associations sued the city of San Antonio on the basis that the ordinance violates Texas’ minimum-wage law by requiring employers to provide more benefits than those stipulated in the state statute.

On Friday, July 19th San Antonio city attorneys and those representing the plaintiffs filed a joint request to delay the start date of the Paid Sick Leave Ordinance until December 1st.  On Wednesday, July 24th a judge ruled in favor of the joint request to delay the implementation of the ordinance until December 1st, 2019.


As we are informed of any new updates regarding the Paid Sick Leave Ordinance, the San Antonio Apartment Association will provide you with updates.  If you have any questions or concerns about the Paid Sick Leave Ordinance, please contact members of our government relations team.

Hector Morales, Director of Government Relations

Email, (210) 692-7797

Allison Cohen, Manager of Government Relations

Email, (210) 692-7797)


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