Support imPACtful advocacy, donate to PAC!

Posted By: Allison P. Cohen Industry ,

If you care about your business and its ability to thrive in San Antonio and surrounding areas, please contribute to the SAAA Political Action Committee.  It is through building and maintaining relationships with elected officials and grassroots advocacy that we can secure and provide dependable and quality rental housing.

You may not realize but local government and our elected officials affect the way we do business every day, because local ordinances and state laws impact nearly every facet of the rental housing industry. These laws impact your taxes, your contracts, your insurance protections, and the regulatory fees you pay. 

This year has brought a wave of new challenges for the rental housing industry.  Just as recent as May, the San Antonio City Council considered an ordinance that would interfere with residential leases and extend the eviction process by 60 days. Our government relations staff and member volunteers advocated on the industry’s behalf to oppose this measure and as a direct result of their efforts the ordinance did not pass.

Despite similar ordinances passing in other major Texas cities, the San Antonio Apartment Association was able to influence local government and protect the rights of its members.  This is not an easy task and although our association and our government relations team are positively influencing these critical situations, we need your help to continue our efforts and go even further. 

You can also call the SAAA offices and ask for Government Relations Manager, Allison Cohen, at 210-692-7797
OR send a check made payable to “SAAA PAC” to 7525 Babcock Road,  San Antonio, TX 78249

IMPORTANT!  State law prohibits corporate contributions to PACs. Therefore, donations cannot be paid with corporate checks or corporate credit cards. Your SAAA account cannot be billed. Personal, sole proprietor, partnership or LLC checks (cannot have a corporate entity in the partnership or LLC) should be made payable to "SAAA PAC"