Call for Applications for SAAA Board of Directors

SAAA Mission
The San Antonio Apartment Association educates, communicates, and advocates
for professionals in the rental housing industry.
SAAA Vision
A future where rental housing is a valuable partner in every community,
where everyone has a home.
Dear SAAA Member,
The SAAA Nominating Committee is looking for dynamic leaders in our membership who are decision-makers in their companies and are ready to take on a leadership role in the Association. These leaders will help plan, execute and evaluate our strategic initiatives for the future and beyond. If this is you, we need to hear from you!
Please forward this email to anyone you think should be serving in a leadership role at SAAA!
SAAA has the following leadership positions coming open for 2022:
·     Up to 2 Owner/Management Director Positions  
·     1 Supplier Director Position
·     Secretary (Owner/Management officer position, 1 year term, prefer at least 1 year of previous experience serving on SAAA Board)
To apply for any of these positions, please submit the online form by end of business on Friday, July 23rd  by clicking on the link below:
The Nominating Committee plans to conduct interviews of candidates in early August, prior to submitting a slate of nominees to the President. The Nominating Committee’s slate will be announced to the members 15 business days in advance of the Annual Tradeshow and Election of Officers, which will be held on September 30th at Pedrotti’s. Click here to register or for more details. 
In addition, the SAAA Bylaws allow for additional nominations to be accepted (in addition to the Nominating Committee's slate of nominees) per the following process:
Additional nominations shall be accepted if a petition signed by at least twelve (12) voting members is submitted in writing to the President a minimum of ten (10) business days prior to the annual meeting for a Special Meeting held for the purpose of election directors and officers of the Association; provided that a nomination compliant with this subparagraph is timely submitted to the President, the nomination shall be deemed accepted and the nominee shall stand for election.
The SAAA Bylaws can be viewed in their entirety here.
All applicants/nominations should be leaders and decision makers in their respective companies and must work for a member of the San Antonio Association to be considered.
About the Board of Directors
The SAAA Board is comprised of 21 members and meets monthly. The Board consists of the President, President-elect, 2 Past Presidents, Vice President, PSC President, Treasurer, Secretary, as well as 9 elected Owner/Management Directors and 4 elected Supplier Directors.
Thank you for your continued support of SAAA!
Teri Bilby
Executive Director
San Antonio Apartment Association