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For over 40 years, The Liberty Group has been a trusted adviser to America’s foremost Real Estate companies and advanced the careers of people in the industry from the country’s top corporate executives to on-site personnel. Companies across the nation have achieved new successes by utilizing the quality and talent our candidates bring to the table. How can we put our unrivaled experience to work for you?

The success of an organization depends on its leaders’ ability to impact performance. Liberty understands the importance of matching experience, skills, and culture to achieve a winning fit for both client and candidate. If you are looking for top talent to add to your team call us to learn more about Liberty’s Executive Search.

Considering making a career move? Plan your future with the guidance of our industry experts.

When vacations, medical emergencies, resignations and unplanned absences leave properties uncovered, our temporary associates can step in to give your workforce unparalleled flexibility. Call us to submit a request.

Even the best employees could be laid off when there are changes in management/ownership. Liberty has introduced the many benefits of temporary employment to industry workers in transition throughout the United States. Go to our website and APPLY for a Job Online.

At Liberty, Your Success is our Business!
Laura Lestus
Laura Lestus Regional Manager
Accounts Payable Accounts Payable
Carrie Marshall Marketing Director
Desiree Flores Sales Representative
Jou Wurster
Jou Wurster Executive Administrator
Matt Smith
Matt Smith President
Shay Mickler
Shay Mickler Area Manager
SAAA Logo Supplier Member

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