The SAAA Office is open- but this is subject to change with or without notice as we monitor the situation. We will continue to practice social distancing and request that members call in advance of visiting the office. Our Health & Safety Policy can be viewed here, please review in advance if you do plan to visit SAAA.

Past SAAA Presidents

We are grateful for these leaders who helped create our culture of commitment! 

2019: Celine Williams
2018: Julie Agne-Highsmith                                                                                                                                                                        2017: Debbie Wiatrek
2016: Cheree Allee, CAPS
2015: Allyson McKay 
2014: Mike Rust, CAPS
2013: Renetta Quintana

2012: Kelley Liserio
2011: Mark Hurley
2010: Donna Schmidt, CPM
2009: Kurt Seidel, CPM
2008: Steve Ross
2007: Steve Ross
2006: Jill Welborn, CAM, CAPS, ARM, CPM
2005: Amy Estess, CAM, CAPS, CPM
2004: Ginger Miller, CAM, CAPS
2003: Rachelle Landry
2002: Bruce Peterson, CPM, CCIM (Dec.)
2001: John Condit
2000: Steve Colella, CPM
1999: Susan Choice, CPM, CCIM
1998: Gary Katleman, CAM
1997: Ken Brucks
1996: Marc Ross
1995: Marc Ross
1994: Jeanne Wheeler, CAM, CAPS, CPM
1993: Annette Hoover, CPM (Dec.)
1992: David Guin (Dec.)
1991: Christina Garcia, CAPS
1990: Yvonne Weber, CPM
1989: Linda Miller, CAPS
1988: Linda Miller, CAPS
1987: David Humes, CPM
1986: Don Reneau, CPM
1985: Mack Langston, CPM (Dec.)
1984: Bill Melson, CPM
1983: Jill Wilson, CPM
1982: Stanley Hammer, Jr.
1981: Don Reneau, CPM
1980: Peter Ross
1979: Henry Holman (Dec.)
1978: Frank Corte
1977: Frank Corte
1976: Walter E. Rosson
1975: Cliff Middleton
1974: Barbara MacManus
1973: Larry Van Horn (Dec.)
1972: Larry Van Horn (Dec.)
1971: Boyce Gaskin
1970: John Hendry (Dec.)
1969: Dwight Lieb
1968: Hank Kopplow
1967: Hank Kopplow
1966: Larry Van Horn (Dec.)
1965: Bob Ross (Dec.)