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Member Alert! Backflow Prevention Testing required by the San Antonio Water System

Posted By: Allison P. Cohen Industry ,

What’s going on: In July, approximately 12,000 customers received a notice for failure to submit a 2019 test report for their backflow assembly(ies) by the June 30th deadline.

Customer Impact: Customers that fail to submit the report may have their services disconnected due to noncompliance. If customers are disconnected due to noncompliance, reconnection fees will be incurred.

What is Backflow Prevention testing? Backflow prevention devices are required to be tested in accordance with the state and local regulations. These devices protect the public water supply and customers’ properties against cross contamination from on-site wells, lawn irrigation systems, fire lines, alternative and/or recycle water. The City of San Antonio passed Ord. No. 2019-02-14-0123 on February 14, 2019 that requires owners of backflow assemblies to have annual testing completed by June 30th of each year.

What you need to know: SAWS will start enforcement in October for outstanding test reports. Test reports can be submitted via email at

In order to satisfy testing requirements, the following must be completed:
Hire a licensed tester to conduct the test.

  • Testing of an irrigation backflow prevention assembly must be performed by a licensed backflow prevention assembly tester.
  • Testing of a backflow assembly on a “fireline” service must be tested by a licensed fireline tester.
  • Testing of a backflow assembly on a recycled water service must be tested by a backflow prevention assembly tester with a gauge designated for recycle water.
  • All testing coordination must be organized between the customer and the tester.
  • Link to Backflow Prevention Test Form

    If the test reveals that the assembly is not operating satisfactorily, necessary repairs must be made to resolve the issue(s) with the backflow prevention assembly. The assembly then will need to be retested by the tester. Submitting a T & M form with a “failed” report will be considered a delinquency by SAWS. All backflow prevention assemblies should be able to satisfy all testing requirements at all times.

    Mail the completed T & M form (original) to:

    SAWS Backflow Prevention Section
    P. O. Box 2990
    San Antonio, Texas 78299-2990

If you have any questions about backflow prevention testing, please contact or call (210) 233-2421.