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NAA Government Affairs Update - November 2016 - Greg Brown

Add my name to the long list of individuals who did not take the candidacy of Donald Trump seriously and publically doubted whether could win a Presidential general election. My sin is even greater since I am inside the beltway and in “the business” of politics and policy. This is my job! How could I have not seen this coming?

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NAA Government Affairs Update - September 2016 - Greg Brown
Increased Housing Costs and Stagnant Incomes:   A Double Whammy for Women
No one would deny that the lack of affordable housing in the United States is a serious problem. Housing affordability is all over the headlines, as is the gender pay gap, but when you couple them together with some basic demographic information, the stark economic inequality for women becomes even more evident.
Between 2009 and 2014, the U.S. Census Bureau reports that more than a million unmarried female-headed households were started in rental units, representing 25% of all new renter family households over that time. The Census defines “family” as at least one member of the household who is related to the head of household by birth, marriage- or adoption; “single” includes those never married, divorced, separated or widowed. In 2014 (most recent data available), nearly 70% of total female-headed rental units housed children. 
NAA Government Affairs Update - August 2016 - Greg Brown

We’ve reached the mid-point of the second session of the 114th Congress, but in many ways it feels like the end of the session. Most of the heavy legislative lifting that can get done before the elections has been completed. The campaign for the White House and 435 public service jobs in the House and 34 in the Senate has taken every bit of oxygen in the room. There are only a handful of legislative days left in the year during which only the red-label tasks will get accomplished. There will, of course, be a flurry of legislative activity during the post-election “lame-duck” period before Congress adjourns sine die, but that almost feels like an entirely different legislative session since whatever happens is dependent upon the outcome of the election. Regardless, for the apartment housing industry this has been an incredible year for grassroots advocacy.
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NAA Government Affairs Update - July 2016 - Greg Brown

It is July which means beach time and boat drinks, summer camps, lots of seared proteins and of course the 2016 Presidential Nominating Conventions. That last one was on your list, right? Maybe that is just for inside-the-beltway nerds like yours truly. Though with all of the media coverage of Donald Trump these past 12 months, one would think it was on everyone’s mind. The networks might even devote more than the usual one hour of prime time to the conventions just in case something interesting occurs. One thing Mr. Trump seems to always deliver is something interesting.
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NAA Government Affairs Update - June 2016 - Greg Brown

One of the episodes on the old children’s TV program, Schoolhouse Rock, tells us that our nation’s laws are made through the rough-and-tumble legislative process within the U.S. Congress where ideas are posed, debated and if all goes well, a bill emerges that goes to the President. If all goes really, really well, the President signs it. Or, as has been the case a lot in the past seven years, he vetoes the legislation and Congress goes back to the drawing board. What you do not hear in “I’m Just a Bill” is that other process by which rules are made that govern our lives – federal regulations from Executive Branch agencies. Last month we were once again reminded of the immense power of a President in affecting policy without the influence of Congress.
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NAA Government Affairs Update - May 2016 - Greg Brown

Like so many people inside the Washington, D.C., beltway, I am eating my words from 11 months ago – “Donald Trump is not a serious candidate and there is no way he will get the GOP nomination,” I said. Even as support for Mr. Trump grew and other, seemingly more viable candidates fell away, I still could not absorb the idea. Certainly in the past 45 days, I have stopped speculating altogether because well, even I began to believe he could pull it off.
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NAA Government Affairs Update - April 2016 - Greg Brown

Nearly 50 years ago, President Lyndon Johnson signed into law the Civil Rights Act of 1968. Title VIII of the Act contains what we commonly refer to as the Fair Housing Act. This law, along with amendments passed in 1988 and 1990, protects individuals from housing discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or familial status. As a result of this legislation, industry training and education, the federal government’s support and housing professionals’ hard work, systematic and intentional discrimination in housing has been all but eliminated.
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NAA Government Affairs Update - March 2016 - Greg Brown

"Capitol Conference Sets New Records, Kicks off Advocacy 365":
Back in November, the House of Representatives, as is its tradition, released the work schedule for the coming year. Besides the standard recess periods around holidays and the month of August, there would be six additional weeks of recess where members would be in their districts, not in Washington. As is my tradition since joining NAA, I checked the 2016 Capitol Conference schedule to see if one of these extra recess periods overlapped with our Lobby Day. Indeed, it would. The Senate would be in session on March 9, but the House would not. While I had confidence that our members knew the value of meeting with Congressional staff, I was worried that our attendance would be hurt by the l
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NAA Government Affairs Update - February 2016 - Greg Brown

“Capitol Conference Advocacy Hits Critical Apartment Concerns”:  On March 8 and 9 NAA will host its annual Capitol Conference and bring before Congress some of our most important issues. I say some because there are of course many, many concerns about which we would love to bend a Representative or Senator’s ear. To really be effective, however, we have to hone in on a couple of topics. This year those issues are reform of the Section 8 program, enabling a right-to-cure period for alleged violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and reform and reauthorization of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Here is how we arrived at this particular list and why you should care.
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NAA Government Affairs Update - January 2016 - Greg Brown

At long last, we are inside 2016; the year where major change is guaranteed in at least one of our branches of government and where there is potential for change is one of the others. The Obama Administration comes to end at the close of this year. Whether the new occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is of the same or opposite party, there will be a new voice at the bully pulpit, a new approach to leading the nation and, indeed, the world. In the Congress, the House of Representatives will stay in the same party’s hands – barring something crazy happening elsewhere in the political machine – while the Senate is once again up for grabs. Senate Republicans will struggle and strive to maintain their slim majority while House Republicans will attempt to preserve the scale of theirs. Of course, that is 11 months from now and we have miles to go before we sleep (or pass out from campaign fatigue)...
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NAA Government Affairs Update - November 2015

Handover of Control Calms House Republicans
One of those characteristics of the United States’ experiment with democracy that we tout as a shining example for the rest of the world is the peaceful transfer of power. The fact that every four (or eight) years a new President takes office via the voting booth and not by the tip of a sword or barrel of a gun is pretty amazing.....
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