Award Nominations


Instructions for Individual, Team or Property Nominations

BEFORE YOU BEGIN... If you exit the form prior to completing it you will have to start over from the beginning.
You cannot save and start where you left off if you exit prior to completion.
Please make sure to have the following items on hand before you begin to fill out the nomination form:

  • Letters of recommendation about the nominee in Word or PDF format
  • A summary of accomplishments in the past year
  • For Communities: a recent market survey
  • For Individuals: a headshot/photo, current resume, education, certifications and professional & volunteer involvement
  • Photo(s) of the team or property you are nominating in JPG or GIF format
  • Nominee address and company name

To nominate an individual (i.e. IRO, Property Manager, Leasing, Maintenance (Supervisor or Tech), Regional, Porter, Housekeeper, Customer Service, Volunteer Service, Supplier Partner employee): Please click here.

To nominate a team or company (i.e. Lease Up Team, Property of the Year (50-199 units, 200+ units, New Construction Mid-Rise & Garden Style, Overall Renovation, Senior Housing, Affordable Housing), Best Landscaping/Curb Appeal, Best Social Media Campaign, Best Leasing Office/Clubhouse ): Please click here.

Please note that in order to have a category judged, there must be 3 entries/nominees.

See, it's that easy!

Remember, once you start you cannot exit without starting over from scratch! 
Questions?  Just call or email us.  Office: 210-692-7797 Email:  


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